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We are inventing a new experience for organizations who wish to give their members a safe and informative program. By asking librarians what they need, we've come up with a cost sharing program that lets you buy "shares" of our classes. 
We are initially offering this to libraries, but garden clubs or other organizations can take advantage of the savings and join us. Tell us how to improve & what your patrons want by filing out this google form.

We made a few videos. Here's the 2 min pitch. And watch this video to get the gist of the shares program, how it works, how to work together for big savings. Share the video with your members and other organizations. Work together to join in and get your costs down!



What is a Share?

Each class is broken up into shares of 25 seats per share. The cost for each share varies depending on the number of shares you reserve & commit to buy (see the table below). 
As a bonus, each share comes with 1 free seat! This way, the organizer can give all 25 seats to their patrons, but they can have at least 1 seat to see the program themselves. This acts as quality control. You want to know what experience your patrons are getting, so we have built in a free seat for you!

What's the Process?

1st - Reserve your seats by either buying shares outright or checking out and selecting "Invoice" at check out in our website. Just select the class, add it to your cart (selecting the correct date, if applicable), adjust the number of shares, & check out!

Want to talk it through? Call/text Mark at 203-415-2048 or send an email to mgostkiewicz@gmail.com. This is also the best way to get a quote for a private class. Maybe you like the classes, but only want your patrons to attend? Just ask about a private class.

2nd - You Control Registration - We know you want to protect your patrons' privacy; so we do not collect their information. You will know if you've reserved 25, 50, 200...or more seats. We will email you the information that comes with the class, so you can pass it on to each of your patrons who register through you. As they tell you they are interested, keep their email for your records so you can email them all the links/resources for each class.

We listened to librarians and media specialists...they are smart folk. We know you follow rules and want the best for your patrons. We will trust you to stay within those limits and not exceed the registration you reserved.

3rd - Get Information from us - Within a day or two, you'll start to get emails from us with all of the information for each class.


What Comes With Each Class?

We are really trying to make this easy for you to get your patrons interested, informed, and involved in the program. Once you reserve your shares for a class, we will send you...
  • Each class is taught as a live webinar. This means there is no possibility of someone "Zoom bombing" the presentation. We host the class, so you don't have to do any of the tech stuff. A webinar is different than a meeting because the entire focus is on the presenter. Attendees can ask questions in the Q & A and the webinar feature will provide a clean, focused, and safe presentation for everyone.
  • An advertising document with a dates/times, descriptions, & pictures you can use to advertise/inform your patrons will be emailed to you. We know that many of you have newsletters, websites, and want to put up flyers. This will be something you can just print and post or cut/paste into your website. 
  • An invitation to each of the webinars will be sent to you. You can then email this to each of your patrons who will be joining the live event. 
  • Links to handouts/resources/book recommendations etc. will be sent to you. All of our classes come with handouts to highlight what we learned, curate resources, and facilitate future learning. 
  • Links to slide shows - if a class uses a slide show, you will receive a link to see it again.
  • All classes will be recorded & we will make the recordings available to you and your patrons for a least 30 days after each session. This is great because it will allow everyone to revisit the class and offers flexibility for individuals with varying schedules. 

Here is a Calendar of Classes 

Click "Look for more" a few times and the calendar will load classes through January of 2022. 

Discount Codes

$125 for 25 seats is a steal! But what if you're reserving 5 or more shares? Either call/email us to place your order or apply one of these discount codes at checkout. Bam! Discount applied!

Share Pricing Guide - Buy More Shares & Save More Per Person!

Number of Shares Purchased Cost Per Share (25 Seats Per Share) Number of Seats You Get Cost Per Seat % Savings Compared to $10 per person (30 seats/$300 Library Class) % Savings Compared to $29 per person Live/OnDemand Classes at Trigablelea.com

1 to 4

$125 25 to 100 $5.00 50% 83%

5 to 8

Use Checkout Discount Code: LCC99

$99 125 to 200 $3.96 60% 86%

9 to 20

Use Checkout Discount Code: LCC89

$89 225 to 500 $3.56 64% 88%

21 to 39

Use Checkout Discount Code: LCC79

$79 525 to 975 $3.16 68% 89%


Use Checkout Discount Code: LCC69

$69 1000+ $2.76 72% 90%


The fine print: 

We are reasonable and will do everything we can to uphold our commitments to you. We are all humans and problems happen. This list is a meant to be a FAQ of what to expect when something goes off-plan. When in doubt, give us a call/text at 203-415-2048 or email us at mgostkiewicz@gmail.com 

  • All classes need at least 3 shares sold to run the class. If the minimum is not met and you have paid, we'll offer you a full refund or ask if you'd like to use it as credit for another offering. 
  • We will make a decision to cancel a class at least 2 days before the class starts. This should allow organizers time to tell their patrons of the cancelation/change.
  • If unforeseen events happen and a class is postponed we will reschedule the class. We will try to schedule the make-up class as soon as possible and we will try to keep to the same schedule (ie. tech issues, a power outage, or illness).
  • Payment is expected within 30 days after the start of class. We know that sometimes non-profit groups like "friend's of the ____ library" or individual may be donating the funds for your shares. No-problem, we'll work with you to figure out who's paying the invoice & who's in charge of registration for your shares. 
  • All classes are Webinars: as such, everyone besides the presenter will be muted. Attendees will be allowed to ask questions in either the Q&A section or the chat function. We reserve the right to shut down Q&A and Chat if we see inappropriate or unrelated topics. This is meant to preserve the quality of the presentation & keep everyone safe. Along those lines, we cannot always monitor the Q&A and Chat and as such, we are not responsible for the content of those features.