Front Yard Fruits & Backyard Berries

Front Yard Fruits & Backyard Berries

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Front Yard Fruits & Backyard Berries

When are the Live Classes?

This class is about 1hour in duration, with time at the end for some Q & A.As we get more support and expand our catalog & calendar, the main page calendar will be the best place to see all of our classes. Here are the dates we're offering this presentation. 

Monday July 19th 2021 - 7PM EST
Monday February 28th 2022 - 7PM EST

What will I learn in the Workshop?

Mark Gostkiewicz, the Co-Founder of Tri Gable Lea Farm LLC will be presenting this class. We've been establishing our own orchard since 2009. We will do a virtual walk-through of our 1 acre front-yard orchard. It is one model of a food forrest. There are about 40 fruit and nut trees that establish the upper canopy, while under and between the trees are plated 10+ grapes vines, 12+ varieties of berries, rhubarb, asparagus, herbs, flowers, and veggies. 

In this class, we will discuss...

  • Design considerations for 1/4 to 1 to 5+ acres 
  • Plan harvests according to your availability. Some like to harvest at certain times of the year or maximize time by coordinating fruiting all at one time or have a continuous harvest throughout spring, summer, and fall. 
  • Selection of varieties that fit your scale, tastes, use in the kitchen, etc
  • Where you can go to get quality plants. We've worked with dozens of nurseries around the country and have found some that have excellent products, prices, and will replace dead plants (even if it was your fault).
  • Revise your design & add layers under your trees to add berries and vines 
  • How to prepare and plant your trees, vines, and berries so they survive during the first hot summer and freezing winter. 
  • Learn the basics of pruning & training trees, canes, and vines.
  • You will leave with ideas to plant this year for the first time or ideas to add onto your existing landscape/orchard/garden
  • Curated resources/recommendations for further learning

    Front Yard Fruits & Backyard Berries
    Front Yard Fruits & Backyard Berries