Growing Veggies In the Fall

Growing Veggies In the Fall

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Growing Veggies In the Fall

When are the Live Classes?

This class is about 1hour in duration, with time at the end for some Q & A.As we get more support and expand our catalog & calendar, the main page calendar will be the best place to see all of our classes. Here are the dates we're offering this presentation. 

Monday August 2nd 2021 - 7PM EST

What will I learn in the Workshop?

Mark Gostkiewicz, the Co-Founder of Tri Gable Lea Farm LLC will be presenting this class. Mark has worked on a variety of farms since 1997, starting his own in 2009. In this class, you'll learn the tricks of the trade to extend the growing season and master timing/planning so you can harvest veggies in freezing temperatures.

In this class, we will discuss...

  • Cold-Hardy Veggies - knowing the types of veggies & herbs that do well in freezing and sub-freezing temperatures
  • Timing summer planting for fall harvest
  • Succession Planting - knowing that you should plant a crop multiple times and when you should start and end planting
  • Protecting your plants as they grow - using row covers, cold frames, home-made greenhouses, hot beds, cloches, poly-tunnels and more
  • How & when to harvest greens in freezing weather
  • Curated resources/recommendations for further learning

    Growing Veggies In the Fall
    Growing Veggies In the Fall