4’x10’ Large Shelter/Shed - Storage, Goat, Sheep, Turkey, Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits...

4’x10’ Large Shelter/Shed - Storage, Goat, Sheep, Turkey, Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits...

Regular price $ 1,999.99

What Can I Keep In This Shelter?

This is primarily designed for goats and sheep but you can make a few modifications (roosts, nest boxes, little ramps, etc.) once on site to house turkeys, waterfowl, and large flocks of hens. You could mount metal rabbit cages inside. This could be used as a structure to shade and shelter pigs or hogs as well. Really the choice of animals is quite flexible.

How Big Is It?

Overall, you'll determine how many animals and how to arrange it so you are comfortable keeping them in this sized shelter. You may decide to purchase several of these to support larger sized populations and/or store equipment.

The overall structure is very sturdy. It is made with 2 x 4 construction, a metal corrugated roof, sided with t-111 siding, and is built on to a pair of rugged 4x6x12’ skids. The never-flat 10" wheels in the pictures are not included. We install these temporarily for delivery. However for an additional $190 we can leave them on for you.

The overall size allows you to keep a can/bags of feed, bails of straw/hay/shavings, and install shelves inside for other animal husbandry tools/equipment in the shelter and out of the elements. 

The height of the walls is about 6' above the rear skid and about 7' above the front skid. This means the interior allows plenty of head space for most people. 

How Can This Be Placed In My Yard?

This is intended to be used in conjunction with a well protected run or paddock (fenced or electric fenced) that you install and connect to the shelter. There is a 6-8" gap under the narrow walls, in-between the skids. Once you have this in place on site, you will decide if you need to fence or board up these gaps to protect your animals from predators. 

We recommend you install this on level or close-to-level ground with a gentle slope that has been prepared to your liking. This has an open floor so some people put this on existing sod, some prep the ground with crushed stone for better drainage, some put rubber stall matts on the ground, some place this on an existing concrete slab. Do what works for you and the needs of the animals you intend on keeping in it. 

How Much Ventilation Is There?

The corrugated metal roof and the open floor ensures a lot of natural ventilation of noxious gasses from the bedding/manure and allows excess moisture to drain away since the bedding is contact with the ground. We intentionally design this without a wooden floor, because over time, a floor would rot-out, making an unsafe situation. As well, leaving an open scuttle hole or propping the animal door open will increase ventilation, if needed for animals like turkeys. Overall this will protect your animals from the majority of the cold winter winds, and the height of the building allows excess heat to rise and escape out of the gaps in the roof. However, if you are raising young animals that could chill in spring cold snaps; you'll take time to board up or place hay bails between the skids to stop drafts. The design allows for a very flexible space. 

The standard design has a people door for you to walk in to feed, water, and muck out the house. The interior has a hay rack for feeding goats or sheep. On the opposite side it also has either an open scuttle hole or a small locking door for the animals to get in and out. Some people want a door to lock up their animals, while others prefer to have it permanently open to a run or paddock that is securely fenced. You tell us what you'd prefer. By default we make it with the people door on the left and a scuttle hole on the right. Please tell us if you'd like any modifications to the placement of the door(s) and/or scuttle. They can go nearly anywhere on the front or back walls of the shelter. However, for the sturdiness of the building, we would not recommend putting them on the 4' wide end walls. 

Can I Pick It Up? Do You Offer Delivery?

Yes and yes! The base price assumes you will pick it up once it is built (1-6 weeks in months without snow). Delivery is about $100 plus $1.75 per mile from 06415.

When we deliver, we cannot guarantee installation in its final location. Our driver will be able to safely get it to your driveway or yard. However, the driver is the only one unloading the shelter, and they need to do so in a way that is safe. We are driving a 12' long trailer and can roll the shelter off wherever we can safely back up our trailer. We need to stay on firm ground that is not heavily angled, sloped, or muddy. So far we have been able to deliver AND install almost every one we've delivered; however some lots are too dangerous for us to install, and in that case, we'll have to deliver it as far into the property as we deem safe/reasonable. 

Pictures may show temporary "shipping wheels". We use these to move them around our building yard and for loading. We take these off unless you'd like to purchase them for an additional fee per wheel.


4’x10’ Large Shelter/Shed - Storage, Goat, Sheep, Turkey, Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits...
4’x10’ Large Shelter/Shed - Storage, Goat, Sheep, Turkey, Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits...
4’x10’ Large Shelter/Shed - Storage, Goat, Sheep, Turkey, Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits...