Bat Colony Condo

Bat Colony Condo

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Note: most of these are sold locally and are picked up by appointment. However, we now can ship these to the lower 48 states! 

Our bat houses are made large enough to become a home for a colony of bats as they raise their young and hibernate as they overwinter in the house. 

It is a tight construction made with 1" rough cut local pine, which holds the heat of the colony better than thinner and smaller houses. We use the roughest boards for the interior of the house, so young bats can hold on.

Each house features:

- 3 chambers that are 1' wide and almost 3' deep, allowing bats to crawl down in the heat of the summer and up in the depths of winter.

- A scorred landing board

- An aluminium sheet metal roof that eliminates water from dripping down into the colony

- An unfinished surface that should be painted or stained a dark color to match your home, bar, or property (our pictures show how you can finish them yourself)

- Mounting fixtures and instructions for an existing building. Pole and tree mounting is possible and even preferred in some locations; however, it will require you to acquire some simple materials. 

- Open/Self cleaning bottom


We can provide the tech support to talk you thorough the installation process. Most houses fail to support a colony because they are too small, loose heat, or are not placed properly. In general, to have success, your bat house should be mounted at least 12 feet above the ground, in an area where it will receive 7+ hours of daylight (even in the winter months). This usually means that mounting on a tree will shade it too much for baby bats to survive while their mothers are foraging. This is why pole mounting and south-side building mounting are preferred in our region. 


Larger bat houses are available. Feel free to ask us for a quote.


I can deliver it for $40 in CT, RI, or MA.

For local pick it up: I can walk you over to the other hives that are put together and answer any questions you may have about its design. 

I accept cash, PayPal, or credit cards through this site.