Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House

Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House

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Note: most of these are sold locally and are picked up by appointment. However, we now can ship these to the lower 48 states! 

Our wildlife houses are constructed with care and an attention to details from locally sourced 1" rough-cut pine. We pre-drill and use exterior screws to create secure structures that will take a beating in the harsh New England winds. They are built with both functionality for the owner and the specific needs of the animal. 

We believe our houses should be inviting to the birds and help protect them from the elements and predators. We let our houses weather with time, like the trees around them. We don't use chemically treated woods products unless requested by the customer. 

We know you'll want to check in on the birds before, during, and after they have used the nest box. We make sure each box is easy to open, inspect and clean. 

Product Specifications

  • This is pretty cool: Chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers (flickers are part of this family) are the primary cavity/hollow making birds. They find rotting trees and instinctively hollow out a cavity for their nest. This box is designed with this in mind. You see that this is like a section of a rotting log. First, the interior is rounded off by adding angled pieces to each corner. Then the cavity is stuffed with pine shavings (included). This way the flicker/woodpecker fulfills its desire to create a cavity for its nest. The males and females hollow out separate cavities to roost and then a third cavity when they nest. This means they can construct up to 3 cavities each year. These hollows are abandoned each year for other birds to inhabit, so refill your box and possibly reposition it after each cycle. 
  • The entire inside is lined with kerf cuts to mimic a naturally carved cavity. 
  • Constructed with 1" rough cut pine and exterior grade screws. 
  • Unfinished surface meant to naturally weather grey. The owner may paint or stain the house's exterior a natural color. 
  • Roughly 2' tall, 10" wide, and 8" deep
  • Elliptical entrance has kerf cuts below to help the parents feed their young. As well, angled spacers are added to the back so the house rests at an angle for this same purpose.
  • Underside of the roof has a kerf cut to help rain drip off the edge rather than into the house.
  • Roof is unscrewed for cleanout/refilling once a year. Hinged cleanouts are not used with these birds since they can damage these walls as they clean out the cavity.
  • Wire/rope holes are pre-drilled to hang on trees, posts, or poles. 
  • The floor is recessed 1/2" upward. As rain travels down the outside of the walls, it doesn't collect under the floor.

Location and Installation Guidelines

  • Place the box in its location by February so mating couples have time to inspect and hollow the cavity. Place in a shady area, ideally facing south, with an open flight path. 
  • Height: 10'-15' Warning: Hanging nest boxes can be dangerous and even fatal. Enlist the an able bodied helper and use the proper safety equipment. 
  • Mounting: These are designed to hang from a tree, post, or pole with wire or rope. The house should rest against it's back at a slight angle downward. 
  • Nesting materials: Use packed pine shavings

How do I get my order?

We'd be happy for you to visit the farm to pick up your bird house order. After you order, we'll contact you to schedule a visit.

At this time, we like the personal contact with each customer. We can answer questions about placement and installation. As well, many of these (especially orders of several houses) are too heavy to ship.

However, if you want a shipping quote or you are in CT, MA, or RI we can deliver larger orders for a fee of $40, and possibly free depending on the size of your order. Please contact us with any questions. 

Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House
Northern Flicker/Woodpecker Tree House