About us

Tri Gable Lea Farm is a family owned farm off the homestead of Mark Gostkiewicz & Naomi Niemann, located next to the Wasnewski family farm on Marvin Road. It's an honor to help manage sacred family land. Mark's grandfather Stephan fled German occupied Poland and met his future wife Stella on the Wasnewski farm. Over the years, Mark's father, Ron had acquired a building lot from his uncle Ira Wasnewski. The lot remained a hayfield for decades until Mark and Naomi decided to build their home there.

Mark's first real job was working for Donald Henry or Highland Thistle Farm in Canterbury, CT. This is a certified organic farm where Mark learned many details a philosophies about sustainable practices and caring for farmland through wholistic management. Later, Mark worked in the greenhouses and fields of Hart's Greenhouses in Canterbury, CT. Dave and Joyce Hart were role models of running an successful farm business; and their success remain with Mark as inspiration to this day.

Mark and Naomi have have been together since high school. They both pursued careers as educators. Mark has been a middle school and high school math teacher who's also certified in special education. Naomi has been both a special education teacher and administrator, working with students in pre-k through grade 12. We started working the land for our own garden back in 2008, when we moved to Marvin Road. It was a blank canvas for us to explore. As our children were born, we planted dozens of orchard trees to mark their birth years. In the spring of 2013, Mark's cousin David Wasnewski tilled up the first market garden, and in the fall we started our first CSA. We made enough money to cover our expenses for the year, and were encouraged to keep at it. We offered CSA shares for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

In the spring of 2014, Mark and his friend and co-worker John Woitovich started a school farm/garden program where they worked. They are motivated to teach their students about natural processes, organic and sustainable practices, homesteading, and how to care for a plant from seed to plate. 

In 2016, we started using this website as a way to improve the marketing of our products and services. In 2017, we had a health issue pop up that made us change the direction of our farm from growing produce toward teaching about sustainable practices & spending more time as family. In 2018 we started teaching classes on the farm and visiting garden clubs and libraries. We also started building chicken coops as a way to pivot away from producing and focus on supporting local families with their homesteads.

We are keeping our future open. However, have transformed this homestead into an agricultural education center for home gardeners, homesteaders, children/families, and market gardeners. In 2020, we started offering our classes online in order to reach more people and continue to spread what we’ve learned, and in 2021 we made a shift to On-Demand recorded classes. This has helped us make connections with families all across the USA and in other countries. It's been rewarding to get support from people from so far away, but to also answer their follow up questions and see pictures/videos of their own projects inspired by our lessons.

Feel free to contact Mark Gostkiewicz in one of these ways.

text/voice: 203-415-2048 cell

voice: 860-531-9271 office

email: mgostkiewicz@gmail.com 

Mail: 140 Marvin Road, Colchester, CT 06415

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigablelea

Twitter: @trigablelea

Instagram: @trigableleafarm


In past year's we've taken CT NOFA's Farmer's Pledge. Although we didn't fill out the paperwork this year, we still abide by the pledge. http://www.ctnofa.org/farmerspledge.html