We are a small family farm in on Marvin Road in Colchester, CT. We care about bringing sustainable practices, heirloom varieties, and wholesome food into every home. This year, we're trying to offer all of our classes online! Hopefully we'll eventually be able to have them in person...but for now you can come on a virtual tour of our farm in an online class.

The classes listed at the TOP OF THIS PAGE are available online NOW! Add to cart, check out & Mark will email you the links to access the class(es) and any presentation materials or handouts that will support you after watching the video!

When available we sell mushroom logs grown here on the farm. 

We build top bar and Warré bee hives. We craft chicken coops and runs to meet the needs of local families. 

Supporting local homesteaders to raise their livestock ethically, grow their own wholesome food, and learn how-to skills is a joy and an honor.