Organic Fertilizers & Composting Made Easy! Piles, Worm Bins, & Teas - Intensive Online Class

Organic Fertilizers & Composting Made Easy! Piles, Worm Bins, & Teas - Intensive Online Class

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Zoom webinar.
When: Jul 24, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Organic Fertilizers & Composting Made Easy! Piles, Worm Bins, & Teas - Intensive Online Class

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What will I learn in the Workshop?

We are dedicated to sustainable organic practices. We could add this in the title of each class, but its easier to just say all of our classes ONLY teach organic practices. 

During this Zoom Webinar/Class, you will be able to type questions and chat with other participants while Mark presents. If needed, you can "raise your hand" and Mark can allow you to talk to the class and ask a clarifying question that can help to deepen everyone's learning. 

Following the class, Mark will email you more information to get you going and continue your learning. These materials will include links to products that are both economical but of good quality. If there was a presentation or handout for the class, you'll also receive those. You can also reply back with questions and Mark will try his best to be your remote learning mentor and point you in the right direction. 

  • The Do's and Don't's of Composting - what can/can't be composted
  • Several ways to set up a compost system - from simple low/no cost to store bought systems. Also which systems to avoid.
  • How to maintain a compost system over time to create "black gold" - your very own organic fertilizer and soil conditioner
  • Methods to brew compost tea and how to apply it to your plants as a fertilizer and disease barrier 
  • How to avoid a mess in the home - no fruit flies, no odors, etc. 
  • How to add manures and yard waste to your compost
  • How to compost bulk materials like leaves, grass, and wood chips
  • How to make and maintain a worm bin to compost indoors all year-long
  • How to get the right worms & how many you'll need - free, local, or mail order
  • A discussion of other store-bought organic fertilizers and how to use them best - sea weed emulsion, fish emulsion, mycorrhizal fungi, etc