Early Crops & Seed Starting Success! - 90 min Intensive Workshop

Early Crops & Seed Starting Success! - 90 min Intensive Workshop

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What will I learn in the workshop?

This is designed to be a hands-on workshop. You'll get to pick up tools and materials, ask questions, and see the entire process. We are dedicated to sustainable organic practices. We could add this in the title of each class, but its easier to just say all of our classes ONLY teach organic practices. 

  • We will discuss a variety of easy and advanced veggie, herb, and flower seeds to start. - Certainly a focus on early/cold weather crops, but if you have questions about others, just ask.
  • We will discuss possible times to sow seeds indoors and the conditions you'll need to create to have them ready to plant outdoors.
  • The life cycle from dormant seed through harvest.
  • Storing seeds and testing seed viability. 
  • The structure of seeds and their diverse conditions for success.
  • How to make your own potting soils (possible ingredients and what they do).
  • What to look for in store bought potting mixes.
  • Types of pots/trays to use.
  • How to make soil blocks and why they are better than plastic pots.
  • How to set up an indoor grow light system.
  • How and when to pot-up a plant.
  • When to give up on a plant and start over.
  • How to make & use cold frames, row covers, frost blankets, and cloches to harden off plants and protect them from the elements (a core concept in 4 season gardening).


The Greenhouse or under the Tent at Tri Gable Lea Farm, 140 Marvin Road, Colchester, CT 06415
In the cold months, dress in layers. In the warm months, dress to be outside.


 We will message you if dates or times are changed/postponed/canceled. 
TBD dates may be purchased in advance to reserve your seat.

Saturday - February 8th 2020 from 9:00AM to 10:30M - Early Crops & Seed Starting Success!,

Saturday - March 7th 2020 - 11:00AM to 12:30PM - Early Crops & Seed Starting Success! 



We ask that you pay for each person attending and pay in full at the time of reservation/purchase. 

There are 16-20 seats available for each workshop.

If the date you'd like to attend is full or the dates don't work, you may contact us to see if we can schedule another date for you. If you are part of group of friends who would like to have a private lesson, contact us. We may be able to come to your location.

Because you are paying for a seat at the class, we hope you understand that we only refund your purchase if a class is canceled by us. If the class is postponed to another day, or the time of day is changed, we will do our best to let you know in advance. If for some reason you cannot attend, let us know, we will not refund your money, but we may be able to offer you an alternative date, apply your tuition toward a product we make, or help you in another way. We are reasonable people and expect that reasonable people are attending these classes. Do not purchase from us if you are an unreasonable person.

Early Crops & Seed Starting Success! - 90 min Intensive Workshop
Early Crops & Seed Starting Success! - 90 min Intensive Workshop