Overwintering Kit - Top Bar Hive Only

Overwintering Kit - Top Bar Hive Only

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Note: most of these are sold locally and are picked up by appointment. However, we now can ship these to the lower 48 states! 

If your hive is not one of ours, we can custom build a kit for you for the same price. We will need dimensions A,B,C and D from the picture below. Plus the length and width of the interior space under your roof. 

Overwintering a top bar hive can require you to gather materials, trim them to size, install them in and around the hive, and monitor them through the winter. 

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to gather all of the materials you may like to use. You'll find if you bought the bulk materials to make all of these components, it would cost quite a bit, however you'd have enough for dozens of hives. This kit is designed for the beginner who needs to save time and may need a set of guidelines to follow for their top bar hive. It will likely save you time in researching what to do, driving to multiple places for materials, and sizing the materials for your needs. 

We provide just enough materials for 1 hive per kit. Almost all of the materials can be reused season after season. The general time lines described in the instructions are for CT, so the components can be used anywhere but the timing should be adjusted for your area. 

What's In The Kit?

  • Instructions! - A 12 page typed set of instructions; its almost a book in itself! It describes and uses pictures to show how each piece is installed and maintained throughout the season. It also includes instructions for other items/methods you can use that are not included in the kit. It also has notes that explain WHY each component is used. 
  • Recipes! - Proven, simple recipes for fondant, hard candy, and syrups. Yes these are all available for free online, but they are gathered and presented all in one source for you. 
  • Our 19" Feeding Frame - This is used to get candy or fondant up at the level of the bees clustered in winter. 
  • Fiberglass or Rigid Insulation - this can be stored away in the warm weather, in the winter it is placed in the roof, above the top bars. We will determine to use either rigid or fiberglass by the size of your hive, or you can request one or the other. 
  • Window Insulation - for hives with an observation window that has space between the glass and the shutter, mylar reflective insulation that is placed between the glass and window cover.
  • Ground Anchor & Strap - Used to protect the hive from tipping or the cover from getting caught in high winds.
  • Mouse Guards - 5 guards that are stapled or screwed over all corked entrances and the one entrance you leave open. If you have slot or special entrances other than 1" drilled holes, just let us know. 
  • Simple Jar Feeder - This is a homemade jar feeder to illustrate how easy it is to make several of your own for feeding inside the hive.
  • Roofing Paper - A section of roofing paper/tar paper is wrapped and stapled around the outside of the hive to provide a wind break. 
Overwintering Kit - Top Bar Hive Only