Rabbit Breeders’ Bundle - 3 Hutches & 2 Tractors

Rabbit Breeders’ Bundle - 3 Hutches & 2 Tractors

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Raise your own grass fed meat by rotating meat rabbits on your lawn or pasture while at the same time having a stationary spot for your mating trio (like these California Whites). 

Bundle and save $200 - enough to possibly buy your breeding stock, feeders, and waterers, and feed. Plus these are built to last, these are an investment well worth the money. 

3 Stationary (Modular)Hutches  - These offer year round protection for your Breeding Stock. One for your buck and two for each doe in a mating trio. This way mating and raising kits can be done safely. 

2 Pasture Tractors - Two ages of kits can be managed side-by-side on pasture in 3 seasons before they are harvested and processed. 

We can also help you find a local breeder to get your trio for a reasonable price. 

Here’s a sample of how they can psy for themselves. Rabbit meat goes for $10-$15+per lb. It’s so tasty, plus you know the rabbits will have the added value of a good life and quality feed. 

Now if you get just about 10 kits per month (one breeding) and stagger the breedings. You can easily harvest 60lbs of meat in a year...and much more if you’re ambitious. That’s $600-$900+ of value that you grew in your yard. If you control your feeding and also only overwinter your trio, then you will have low feed cost. You can feed your family and sell the extra to friends and family for a premium price. 

Overall, it’s clear to see how the savings add up over little time. 

Local Delivery is also available for $50 and a rate of $1.75/mile from 06415. 

Rabbit Breeders’ Bundle - 3 Hutches & 2 Tractors