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Need Bees? Here's Our List of Local and/or Treatment-Free Sources

Need Bees? Here's Our List of Local and/or Treatment-Free Sources

We started this list to help beekeepers in the "Greater New England Area" easily find and compare different sources for bees that are in their back yard. As well we want people to support those who are committed to treatment free beekeeping; so we include both local and mail-order treatment-free bee sources. 
As of the posting of this (1/27/17), there are suppliers with local bees in CT, MA, VT, NH, and NY. We know there must be other significant suppliers of...

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Get yourself or a loved-one set up for spring with a complete top bar or Warre bee hive. For those who already own one of our hives, you...

What's in our name?

What's in our name?

I rarely take time to explain the name of our farm. Some call us "Tri Lea", "Tri Gable", and "The Farm". There are other names for some of the homes on our street. There's "Thistle Rock", "Newski Knole", "Centennial Farm", "Sound View Farm" to name the ones I can recall. We wanted a name for ours as well, and we thought about it for years. 

Then all at once it came together. I was reading a book, "The Story of English in 100 Words" One of the oldest was lea.