Need Bees? Here's Our List of Local and/or Treatment-Free Sources

We started this list to help beekeepers in the "Greater New England Area" easily find and compare different sources for bees that are in their back yard. As well we want people to support those who are committed to treatment free beekeeping; so we include both local and mail-order treatment-free bee sources. 
As of the posting of this (1/27/17), there are suppliers with local bees in CT, MA, VT, NH, and NY. We know there must be other significant suppliers of local bees that beekeepers have relied on, so please add comments to the sheet or email us to let us know who needs to be on the list or if your company needs updates posted on this list. 
We want this list to be spread on social media, so please share it with others in the area.  

Click Here for the complete list!


The Bee List

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  • A & Z in CT is not treatment free, in fact Marks position is treatment free beekeepers are bee killers.

    • Scot
  • Thanks Christy, I’ve added your info to the list.

    • Mark Gostkiewicz
  • Hi Mark —

    Nice list. :-) Unhappy business practice on your part though.

    — Christy Hemenway
    • Christy Hemenway
  • Also, GoldStar Honey bees in Maine sells packages. However, it’s worth noting that their bees come from Wolf Creek.

    Additionally, Wolf Creek is based in TN, but most of their beeyards are in GA.

    • Julie
  • Great compilation of names! Thanks for doing this.

    I noticed that the “Treatments” is empty for Mike Palmer’s name. During talks, he is very pro-treatment and uses all the conventional ones on his bees.

    • Julie