Gifts for the nature lover in your life.

Get the gift they really want, support a local farm, and save! Locally made bee hives, mushroom logs, bat/bird/owl houses, raised garden beds and more...

Visit Tri Gable Lea Farm's site at 

Use offer code "honeyload" to save 15% on any order!

No minimum/maximum orders. 

Get yourself or a loved-one set up for spring with a complete top bar or Warre bee hive. For those who already own one of our hives, you can increase the size of your apiary with more equipment like nuc boxes or spare parts. 

Hive plans are coming soon! This is for those who want to build as many of their own top bar hives and save money.


Beautify your backyard and help the native wildlife find a home with one of our bat, bird, owl, or mason bee houses.


Add on to your homestead with our shiitake logs, rabbit houses or raised garden beds. 

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